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psychotherapy boulderWhen people are suffering from anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues, they don’t realize it may be possible to change these patterns.

Joe is an Internal Family Systems Therapist. IFS is an evidenced, non-pathological way of doing psychotherapy.

If you are interested in a Professional Counselor and Psychotherapist who has insight into behavioral issues, emotional issues, and how energy and the mind work together, this is a good fit for you. Joe also works with people who are looking for Psychotherapy to help integrate their Psychiatric care.

In Joe’s words, “I work with anyone interested in discovering the possibilities in their life, creating options, and integrating them for lasting change. I work with clients looking for inspiration, better communication, and insight into dealing with life’s challenges.

“Sometimes, these issues are more thoughts than truths. I am here to help individuals, teens, and couples find the compassion and strength to walk away from self-blame and discover curiosity. From there, life really improves.”

“When I felt like I was at wit’s end, a friend recommended I talk to Joe, and I will be forever thankful. From the first interaction, Joe was calm, warm, supportive, and understanding. I felt an immediate connection and comfort with his style of conversation. His interaction is direct, yet caring. Joe helped me see actions and behaviors that are not helpful and offered support of how to change those. He pointed out that asking questions is much more helpful then giving opinions. ” — Tom