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boulder-therapists-joe-kleinJoe works together with his clients to develop compassion and friendship with the self, which is the hallmark of a healthy psyche. This is an inquiry-based process where Joe’s eclectic approach is tailored to each individual’s needs.

Joe is an Internal Family Systems Therapist. Internal Family Systems, or IFS as it’s known, was developed by Richard Schwartz PhD. It describes how “parts” of us that may have begun in a traumatic past can derail our best intentions. Habitual and negative ways of thinking, or “parts,” can affect our lives well into adulthood. Joe has found IFS to be incredibly helpful in his own therapy process and his clients’ work.

Joe brings to each counseling session a lifetime of experience, intuition and knowledge about how to assist people in working with their minds. From this, they can learn to differentiate between what is true versus what is repeated, negative patterns of thinking. These counseling sessions can also support Psychiatric care where needed.

Joe says, “I feel that creativity is a large part of the self-healing process. My work with poet David Whyte helped me to gain a better understanding of my client’s creative possibilities, as well as my own. Peruvian shaman, Don Americo Yabar, is another of my mentors who fostered intuitive understanding in my work with people.”

Sessions available through HIPAA-approved website Zoom.

“Joe Klein is a very skilled therapist. His passion for helping others, along with his own life experiences, provides him with the expertise and wisdom to facilitate his patients’ healing in a personal yet real way. He is like an artist with a blank canvas…the painting evolves with beauty and grace.” — Sandra